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New Course: Integrate Rich Media APIs With Foundation for Apps

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What You'll Be Creating

Foundation for Apps connects a responsive front-end design framework to the power and flexibility of AngularJS. 

In our new course, Integrate Rich Media APIs With Foundation for Apps, you'll build three apps with the Foundation for Apps framework, which is itself built on AngularJS. 

What You’ll Learn

With detailed, step-by-step guidance from Tuts+ instructor Reginald Dawson, you'll learn how to build three different apps that connect to major rich-media services: an app that searches and plays YouTube videos, an app that plays audio tracks from SoundCloud, and an app to search and view pictures from Instagram. 

Here are some free lessons from this course, as a preview of what you can expect:

Installing Foundation for Apps

In this video, you'll learn how to get started with a Cloud9 project and install the Foundation for Apps framework.

Configuring the Gulpfile

In this video, you'll learn to configure Gulp to work with the custom build process used in the course.

Setting Up a YouTube Service

In this video, you'll set up an Angular service for retrieving YouTube videos using their API.

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