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New Course: Getting Started With React.js

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React is a view library whose philosophy greatly differs from the usual framework. Our new course, Getting Started With React.js, will cover what makes React different from all the other frameworks and libraries out there, and give you practical instruction on using it.

What You'll Learn

Tuts+ instructor David East will teach you everything you need to know to get up to speed with React. He'll take you through how React differs from other frameworks, before diving into some of the key concepts, applications, and best practices.

Here's a free preview of some of the lessons from this course:

Writing Your First Component

In this lesson we’ll write our first component with JSX. We’ll cover all of the basics of properly transforming JSX and rendering our component to the page.

The React Component Lifecycle: Mounting

The first phase of the component lifecycle is the mounting phase. This lesson will cover the actions we can take before our component has mounted.

Working With Browserify

When writing components in React, it’s best to put them in separate files. Since components are dependencies of other components, it can make it hard to reference other files. In this lesson we’ll cover the Node module Browserify, which makes dependency management in React a cinch.

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