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New Course: Easy Rails Development Environment With Vagrant

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What You'll Be Creating

The paradox of living in 2015 is that we have more information available than ever before, but most of us don't have time to access it.

So we've been publishing some short courses recently, in which we aim to condense a lot of information and help you master a topic in an hour or less.

Read on to find out about our latest offering, Easy Rails Development Environment With Vagrant.

What You’ll Learn

When developing a Rails app, you will probably need one or more of these dependencies: a database server, a key-value store, a background worker or a search engine. Installing and running these on your local machine gets messy fast. Data from your app can also interfere with other apps you are developing on the same system. 

With Vagrant you can isolate these dependencies in a virtual machine, start and stop them at the same time, and prevent yourself and others from having to set up everything again when your system crashes or when you move to a new computer. 

Vagrant development codeVagrant development codeVagrant development code

In this course, software developer Markus Mühlberger will show you how to create a virtual machine with Vagrant, configure it for Rails development and share it with others.

Watch the Introduction

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