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New Coffee Break Course: How to Animate Your Angular 2 App

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What You'll Be Creating

How your app looks is as important as how it works, and animation is an important part of modern user interfaces. Whether by changing the color of an element to indicate that it has been selected or animating a spinner when data is being loaded, adding animation to your apps can add a professional touch.

In our new Coffee Break Course, How to Animate Your Angular 2 App, you will learn how to code animations for your Angular 2 components. Along the way, your instructor Reggie Dawson will show you a few ways to alter Angular 2 animations to make them even more engaging.

If you haven’t tried one of our Coffee Break Courses before, they’re ultra-short video courses designed to teach a skill or concept in a single sitting. This one is less than ten minutes long, and by the end of it you’ll have a solid understanding of animations in Angular 2.

Watch the introduction below to find out more.

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