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NETTUTS+ Writers Needed!

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Happy weekend, everyone! As some of you may know, we're currently in the process of rolling out our NETTUTS+ program. That means we'll be needing some top notch articles and screencasts! With high-quality articles comes higher compensation.

I'm Interested. What Next?

You will need to prepare an in depth tutorial and screencast for us. Topics may consist of either PHP, jQuery, WordPress, or HTML/CSS - at least for now. Generally speaking, these articles should be 1.5 times the length of our current tutorials. When finished, zip the files up and email them to

What About the Screencast?

Each tutorial in our plus program comes with a companion screencast. When creating these, make sure that you use a decent microphone, and record at 960 x 720. You may save the file as either an MOV, AVI, or a high-quality FLV.

Any Tips to Get My Submission Accepted?

Sure. Here's what I'll be looking for.

  • In depth and detailed tutorial.
  • Tutorial must be formatted as HTML.
  • Your grammar must be perfect.
  • At least a dozen images. More is preferred. We're visual learners!
  • The screencast needs to be as clear as possible. Try to remove any extra noise. Don't assume that the viewer knows more than he does.
  • The topic of your tutorial needs to appeal to the masses. Keep it in the PHP, jQuery, HTML/CSS, WordPress arena for now!

Can You Help Me With Ideas?

That's what we're hiring you for! Just ask yourself, "What web dev topic have I Googled more than any other?".

Good Luck!

Any additional questions can be asked via the comments form.

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