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NETTUTS Gets a Makeover


If you follow our sister blog PSDTUTS, you may have noticed that last week we updated the design to a new theme - version 4 to be precise - and we're thrilled today to give NETTUTS a similar makeover!

As you'll find the new theme is a mix of some cosmetic upgrades and a few new bits of functionality! We now have breadcrumbs, better author profiles on tutorials, tabs to break up post types and a new and improved user link feed. Perhaps the biggest two changes though are that we've added:

  • Screencasts / Videos
    With Jeffrey putting together so many awesome screencasts, it was high time they had their own place on the site. We hope to make this an increasingly important part of the site in the months/years to come.
  • Freebies
    There are so many awesome scripts and components and widgets out there that we've added a new section to the site to start aggregating them all. We've added a few just now to get the section started and we'll be adding a couple new link ups each week to build up a nice directory of awesomeness to add to your next project. Anyone can submit their site/script/component/widget to be included and we'll feature the best that come in, sending traffic and thankful NETTUTS readers out to visit!

Meet the TUTS Team

During these last months we've also been improving the team who run these awesome sites. So let me introduce:

  • Skellie - The TUTS Manager!

    We are VERY proud to have former FreelanceSwitch editor and super talented blogger Skellie managing the TUTS sites. She took over about a month and a half ago and it's been smooth sailing all the way. As TUTS Manager Skellie is working on our expansion plans, coordinating site editors and making the whole operation more and more efficient.

  • Derek Herman - HTML / CSS / WordPress Commander

    Everything you see before you has been coded up by the fabulous Derek Herman of Valen Designs. These days Derek and I work together a lot to build most of the Envato sites you see / will be seeing. He's the best front-end coder I've ever met and I'm very proud to have my design work chopped up by his formidable skills.

  • Chris Moyer - PHP Pathfinder

    From setting up our Plus programs to keeping the sites up under the ridiculously heavy traffic loads to building new writer / editor infrastructure, Chris Moyer's keyboard controls all and without him we'd be lost! You can find Chris at InaRow!

  • Sean Hodge, Joel Falconer and Jeffrey Way - Editors Extraordinairre!

    And of course the guys you are most familiar with, our Site Editors - who bravely face the trials of WordPress day in and day out to bring us our daily TUTS fix. Thanks guys!!!

  • And me

    I don't get to write tutorials anymore (though I keep hoping that's going to change soon) but I did design this new theme - that is if you like it. If you don't like it ... then ... erm ... it was someone else pretending to be me ...

6 Months and Rockin!

I looked at the calendar today and realised it's been 6 months since NETTUTS started which is just amazing. Seems like it was only yesterday that Cyan was telling me off for launching a site without actually making a plan on how I would populate it :-) Congratulations to Jeffrey and all the team for getting this site really pumping. I have a feeling that NETTUTS is headed for a big future!

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