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Nettuts+ Demo/ Source Buttons, New Voting Buttons and More Tuts+ Sites?


This is just a short roundup post to touch base with our NETTUTS readers. Just a few tidbits of info, including unofficial announcements of new TUTS sites and a link to an interview with our very own Collis Ta'eed.

Buttons, Buttons

Collis has created some nice Demo/ Source buttons, and I'm in the process of adding them to all previous (and future) NETTUTS tutorials. You can see these buttons already in place in Jeff Dion's Floating Menu tutorial. The buttons should make easier for readers to decide whether to read through a tutorial. (Hopefully you will.)

More Buttons

Regular readers might notice that we've switched social media buttons at the bottom of each tutorial/ article. You should now see Dzone and Reddit buttons. If you like what you've read, please give a bump up on those sites. That does not mean you cannot submit NETTUTS articles elsewhere, though Dzone and Reddit are probably most suited to NETTUTS readers.

Tutorial How-tos

Please keep tutorial requests coming in. I'm compiling them and using the list as a reference while accepting pitches for NETTUTS tutorials. While I am working with a number of potential contributors, that should by no means stop you from pitching ideas long-term, via the form link you'll find on our Tutorial Guidelines page.

My recommendation is that you pitch an idea to me first, before spending the time to code the demo and write the tutorial. Later this week, I'll post a "How to Write a Step-by-Step Web Dev Tutorial" for NETTUTS, to match the one Sean Hodge wrote for PSDTUTS a while back.

More TUTS Sites!

You might already know about the great interview that Fuel Your Creativity did with Eden.cc's own Collis Ta'eed. Read it carefully because Collis gives up a list of new TUTS sites about to launch that I didn't even know about. So I'm as excited as I'm sure most of you will be. There'll be no fewer than five new TUTS sites, with two already in the process of being set up, and the rest to follow.

For This Week

Collis will have another of his great tutorials this week, and I'll have a "Best of the Web June" roundup. If you have any questions or suggestions about the site or the tutorials and articles, please feel free to drop a comment in this post.

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