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NetBeans Twilight Theme!

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Those of you who follow us on Twitter might be aware that I've recently become smitten with Netbeans. Personally, when coding, I prefer to use a dark theme. It's less harsh on my eyes. Unfortunately, there simply aren't many available for Netbeans. After an hour or so of searching, I was able to find exactly one theme -- which was mostly specific to Ruby. So, I took it upon myself to convert the popular Twilight theme to Netbeans/PHP!

Netbeans Twilight Theme!Netbeans Twilight Theme!Netbeans Twilight Theme!

Installation Instructions

To add this theme, simply open "Preferences" ("Options" on PC) and click "Import" at the bottom. Then browse for your zip file -- do not unzip -- and click "okay!" That's it.


* Note - At this point in time, I've only coded for HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. As I'm still "debugging", so to speak, I'll continue to update the downloadable source code. If you notice any quirks/inconsistencies in the coloring, please feel free to let me know, via the comments. ... And if you like this theme, please send a link to your NetBeans buddies!

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