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Miscellaneous News and Ramblings


There are several announcements and questions that I have for all of you. If you don't mind, please take a moment or two to look over this and let me know your thoughts!

Tutorial Writers Needed

I'm hoping to find one or two more (bi)weekly writers for Nettuts+. Your duties would be to:

  1. Submit a tutorial each week on PHP, JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. For the first month, you'll need to email me your tutorial idea before beginning.
  2. Follow the formatting guidelines listed here.
  3. Make any tutorial revisions that are requested.
  4. Submit an invoice each month to collect your mula! I'll pay you $200 per tutorial.

PLUS Writers Needed

As many of you know, we also offer a PLUS service which offers much higher quality tutorials and/or screencasts on the same topics listed above. Due to the fact that we charge a small membership fee, we're able to offer our authors much more compensation. Depending on the quality of the submission, I can offer between $250 - $600 for a finished tut + screencast.


I don't want to waste my time writing/recording just to be one of a hundred different choices for you guys. Is it worth my time?

Yes! The problem is that EVERYBODY thinks that. Realistically, I might receive a few submissions; but certainly not 100+. So take the initiative and get writing. If you use proper English, plenty of images, choose an idea that will appeal to our community, and explain yourself well, you have an EXCELLENT chance! :)

Does the subject matter have to be advanced?

Of course not. Our community is made up of individuals with varying skill levels. Even a basics PLUS tutorial will work - just as long as it's high quality!

Covering Frameworks More On This Site

You might have noticed in the last month that I'm placing a greater emphasis on framework-oriented tutorials. Examples:

My question to you is...do you like this? Would you prefer that we move in a different direction, or cover a specific framework in more detail? This brings me to the next order of business...

ASP.NET From Scratch: Video Training Series -- Author Needed

I need an experienced ASP.NET dev -- specifically one who is current on the latest advancements in the framework (ASP.NET 4.0 and such) -- to submit two tutorials and screencasts per month to our site. In exchange, I'll pay you $500 total. This series should teach how to get started with ASP.NET from the very beginning, and then work its way up to a working web application. If interested, please email at nettutsblog@gmail.com with your credentials.

A Little Over a Week Left to Enter the PHP/JS Competition!

Don't forget. The authors of the three best submissions to these categories, between now and August 14, will receive prizes and exposure, courtesy of CSSRockstars.com and us. Refer to this posting for more details.


If you're interested in any of the writing options listed above, you may submit your first tutorial here. Within the description, please note that you're interested in becoming a (bi)weekly writer.

Thanks, everybody! Have you noticed that we've crossed 45,000 subscribers!? A year ago, we had about 10,000. Not too shabby, thanks to all of you!


Are you aware that in the next week or so, Envato will be celebrating its three-year anniversary? Hmmm.. I wonder if we have anything planned...

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