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Meet Tuts+ Reader Philippe Rivard

Read Time: 2 mins

Name: Philippe Rivard

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Topics of Interest: Web Hosting, Cloud, SaaS, Billing Software

Occupation: Entrepreneur

In our series of Tuts+ community stories so far, you've met South African graphic artist Catherine Dawes, Brazilian web designer Tassia Pellegrini, American creative director David Kehrer, and Malaysian front-end developer Ajmal Afif.

Today we're heading north to Canada, to meet web hosting entrepreneur Philippe Rivard. Read on to find out how he uses Tuts+, and what advice he has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Philippe RivardPhilippe RivardPhilippe Rivard

Philippe's Learning Journey

At first glance, you might wonder why Philippe Rivard needs Tuts+. He's a successful web hosting entrepreneur with 12 years of experience running Hosting Parcel, and his new startup Nukern recently raised $100,000 in pre-seed funding. Surely he's already enough of an expert?

The thing is, however, that there's always something new to learn. He's found that many of his clients asked him to maintain or update their website, so has used Tuts+ to brush up his HTML and CSS skills.

And recently, when creating Nukern, a billing software as a service for the web hosting industry that's launching in July, he had a big decision to make on which framework to use. He says: 

I came across Laravel and I had to know more about it. Your article about “What’s New in Laravel 5” helped me make a decision on whether we should use this framework to build Nukern or not. We fell in <3 with Laravel.
Nukern dashboardNukern dashboardNukern dashboard
The dashboard of Philippe's new startup, Nukern

Since he's benefited so much from online learning, he wants to encourage his employees to do the same. He says he's thinking about offering a group membership to Tuts+ for everyone working with Nukern. 

We believe one can never know enough and would like our employees to keep learning and digging about stuff that they are passionate about.

Advice to Those Just Starting Out

We asked Philippe what advice he'd give to someone who's just starting out, as he was 12 years ago. His first tip:

Reach out to people you admire. More often than not, you will find out that they were just like you at some point. A lot of them want to help their community and people in the same field.
Nukern previewNukern previewNukern preview

As you'd expect, he also recommends that you "never stop searching and learning." Keep reading and learning about whatever you are passionate about.

And one last thing:

Just put yourself out there. Great things will come from "getting out of the building".

Connect With Philippe

If you'd like to find about more about Philippe's journey, you can connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also read more about his new venture at the Nukern website, at AngelList, or by emailing hi@nukern.com.

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