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Meet the New Activetuts+ Staff Writers!

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A couple of weeks ago we advertised for a new Staff Writer at Activetuts+. The response was phenomenal! We had a pile of submissions to wade through and the quality of all applicants was of such a calibre that we chose to take on four new staff writers! There's a good chance you'll recognise these guys, come and meet them..

Next to each writer you'll find a short introduction, links to go and check out more of their work plus their recommendations for essential RSS reading. Say hello and let them know if there's anything specific you'd like to learn!

  • Matt Stuttard

    Blog: http://labs.msfx.co.uk
    Twitter: @MSFX

    Matt is an Interactive Developer based in Herefordshire, a beautiful part of the English Countryside. When not lecturing, consulting or developing Flash, Unity3D or Mobile games and applications he can usually be found up a mountain with his fiancee, hopefully out of cell phone range.

    Matt's recommendations for your RSS reader:

  • iBrent

    Personal site: www.tutorialsbyibrent.com
    Twitter: @ibrent

    Brent Arnold a.k.a. "iBrent", started his path to Flash Zen when he was a wee lad of 26. Now, 9 years later, he's a powerhouse in the Flash/Flex community. As a Sr. Member of Technical Staff with Pearson, iBrent is involved in all things RIA and mobile development. iBrent is an active member on the Adobe prerelease programs for AIR, Flash, and Flex, and is a speaker at Adobe MAX and 360Flex. Not afraid to learn new things, iBrent has even written iOS apps in Objective-C (yes, it can be done).

    When he’s not programming, iBrent enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and stealing away at night to work on his many half-finished mobile game apps.

    iBrent's recommendations for your RSS reader:

  • Anton Mills

    Personal site: www.antonmills.com

    Anton is an Interactive Developer, lecturer and writer living in Sydney. While creating engaging interactive experiences for the likes of the BBC, Sony and S4C is his primary role, he has a new found love for Mobile platforms and the exciting possibilities they possess for indie developers.

    Anton's recommendations for your RSS reader:

  • Sean McCracken

    Blog: http://themindofseantron.blogspot.com
    Personal site: http://www.seantron.com
    Twitter: @Seantron

    Sean McCracken has been getting over his unfortunate last name by pwning web plug ins since the year 2007. Coming from the world of music production/motion graphics he quickly found a love for Flash + pure AS3 projects, but after growing tired of Flash's 3D shortcomings, he set his sights on Unity3d.

    Sean has spent the last 2.5 years as Director of Research and Development at Influxis, and is currently at Wardenclyffe as Lead Developer/ Director of R&D. When he's not coding he's hanging out with his wife and 2 awesome boys. Sean's current three month obsessions include: ChipTunes, Quantum Entanglement, Dr Who + Torchwood, Artificial Intelligence, The Command Pattern, and other things you would have to sign an NDA to hear about.

    Sean's recommendations for your RSS reader:

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