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Meet our newest site - Web.AppStorm

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Since we launched Mac.AppStorm early this year it's been growing really rapidly and rapidly getting a reputation as the leading blog on Mac Apps. This is in no small part due to our very talented editor David Appleyard who has steered this blog from strength to strength. With Mac.AppStorm doing so well, we've decided it's time to branch out into another great area of apps - the Web! Meet Web.AppStorm.

These days you can do everything from Photoshop-grade image editing to reasonably heavy duty spreadsheet manipulation all from your browser. With mobile devices finally starting to mature, the advent of netbooks and widespread broadband coverage the trend to web applications is only set to continue.

With Web.AppStorm we aim to provide a guide to what's good and what's not, roundups of the various options for a given application type, and how-to guides on getting the most out of your favourite web apps.

The site launched only hours ago with our very first review of the wonderful invoicing and estimation tool Ballpark from the good folk down at Metalab. So stop in, say hello, subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter!

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