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Meet Michael Williams! Activetuts+ Technical Editor

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We have big plans for Activetuts+ this year and we've started by adding a new member to the team! Michael Williams, who's written a number of tuts for us already, has jumped on board as Technical Editor. He'll proof-read the technical aspects of each tut, ensuring the ActionScript is up to scratch and that best practices are adhered to. What does this mean for you, the reader? Put simply, you can expect more content and improved quality.

For the last couple of weeks Michael's been working alongside me and is doing a fantastic job, confirming the adage that two loaves are better than one..

Meet Michael Williams

An Englishman (a gentleman?), a freelancer, a cook, but crucially; a Flash developer. Michael has been using Flash since version 5, though began seriously developing with it from CS3 onwards. Before that his programming experience lay within the server-side realms of ASP and C#, but these days he enjoys nothing more than developing Flash Games whilst teaching others how to do the same. He believes that games are a strong context for learning programming and maths.

You can visit his blog to dive into his AS3 tuts for beginners, see his work on flashgamelicense.com and follow his ramblings on twitter (@MichaelJW). You can also expect more great tutorials from him on Activetuts+!

Meet Michael Williams! Activetuts+ Technical EditorMeet Michael Williams! Activetuts+ Technical EditorMeet Michael Williams! Activetuts+ Technical Editor
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