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Learn Python the Hard Way: Discount AND Mobiletuts+ Giveaway

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For today only, Mobiletuts+ is pleased to partner with @AppSumo to offer Learn Python the Hard Way for only $79. The guys at AppSumo have also generously offered to give away 3 FREE COPIES of the LPTHW course to Mobiletuts+ readers! Read on for the details on how to enter!!

Python? I thought this was a Mobile Development site?

While Python is most commonly used for web site scripting, the reality is that mobile developers will often find themselves in need of a custom Internet service or web site in order to provide data, storage, or server-side processing for their applications. Zed Shaw's course Learn Python the Hard Way is an excellent course that will teach the fundamentals a great scripting language and leave you with yet another tool in your development tool belt. For this reason, Mobiletuts+ has partnered with @AppSumo to giveaway 3 FREE copies of LPTHW to our readers, and we encourage those who are interested in learning Python to take a look at the course while it is discounted to only $79 USD.

Giveaway Details

3 Free copies of Zed's course are up for grabs! To enter to win, RT the following text via Twitter:

Today's @AppSumo deal will have you programming in no time . RT to win 1 of 3 copies of the course via @envatomobile

Discount Details

LPTHW is normally offered as a course on Udemy for $250 USD. However, for today only, @AppSumo is offering a special discounted rate of $79 USD. If you're in the market to add a scripting language like Python to your capabilities, this is a great deal!

Contest ended Monday, June 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm CST

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