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Learn how to AJAXify Comment Forms

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In this week's video tutorial, I'll teach you how to take a simple, boring contact form and add some animations and an AJAX post request to submit the form to your MySQL database asynchronously.

In addition, we'll also implement a bit of server and client-side validation to better secure our data. When submitting to the database, we'll also review the most secure methods, including the use of prepared statements, which will bind the necessary values to each query, rather than embed them.


*Note - please forgive me, but I had a slight cold when recording this. I apologize if my words are a bit mumbled.

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This screencast demonstrated just one way to animate your contact forms. Truthfully, it's probably a bit too much for a regular site! :) But we're here to have fun with it. If you decide to implement something like this into your own site, perhaps a more toned down version, please do leave a comment with a link to the page for our review!

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