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Introducing the New Mobile Development Editor: Bart Jacobs

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We're excited to announce a few changes to the Tuts+ team this week. After working as mobile editor for over three and a half years, we're saying goodbye to Mark Hammonds, and offering a warm welcome to Bart Jacobs!

Thanks to Mark Hammonds

Everyone at Tuts+ would like to thank Mark for everything he has brought to the team over the years and the incredible work he has done here for mobile development education. He has been here since the very beginning, but felt it was the right time to focus fully on his own mobile and web app development projects over at Bitmotive. We wish him well with everything he's moving on to!

Welcome to Bart Jacobs


We are incredibly excited to officially introduce Bart Jacobs as our new Mobile Development Editor. Bart runs Code Foundry, a mobile and web development company based in Belgium. His primary area of expertise is iOS development, but he's also skilled in Web, JavaScript, Ruby, and Cocoa development, and an avid fan of film music and coffee—a winning combination! You can follow Bart on Twitter and read his tutorials on Tuts+.

The Future & Your Suggestions

We’re extremely excited to have Bart on board to take mobile development on Tuts+ into the future. There are lots of exciting new developments coming up in the next few months and Bart is the perfect person to make mobile development education even better. Be sure to give him a warm welcome!

We’d also love to take this opportunity to ask for your suggestions and ideas for the mobile development topics you’d like to see covered over the next few months. Let us know what you’d like to see, and how we can best serve your development education needs.

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