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Industry News: Week 31 2011

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Time for your latest fix of industry news. This week we learn about Adobe's brand new HTML5 platform, Edge; a new resource for creative HTML5 and CSS3 demos; and a Google Chrome extension that lets you search the AS3 LiveDocs via the omnibox.

Adobe Edge Preview Available on Labs

Anyone who was at Adobe MAX last year will remember a prototype that was shown during the Sneaks called "Project EDGE" - which demonstrated an animation platform which targeted HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Over the past few weeks, Adobe has been hinting that something would be coming down the pipeline and has released a number of short demo videos around a product called "Adobe Edge". As of today, Adobe Edge Preview 1 is available for download on Adobe Labs (currently for free).

Adobe Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites using standards like HTML and HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. It is currently in public preview and is designed to be powerful yet approachable and easy to use. Edge Preview 1 is currently available as a complimentary download on Adobe Labs.

Note that this is a very early build of Edge. Many public previews are planned as functionality is added to the product and its features are enhanced. Check it out and let Adobe know what you think!

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The Expressive Web (Beta)

Adobe has also just launched a new beta resource website, called The Expressive Web. This is a project which Adobe has put together with the goal of creating both a resource and showcase that highlights some of the most creative and expressive features being added to the web today.

In addition to highlighting and providing information on 12 new HTML5 and CSS3 features, the site itself makes extensive use of new features such as CSS3 Transitions, CSS3 Transform, Web Storage and more to provide a visually compelling resource for learning more about HTML5 and CSS3.

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ActionScript 3.0 Search for Chrome

For ActionScript developers, there is an interesting new add on for the Google Chrome web browser that allows AS3 LiveDocs searching through the omnibox. Pretty convenient for Chrome users!

This extension integrates with the Chrome omnibox to bring ActionScript 3.0 standard library API autocompletion right to your fingertips. To use, type "as3", followed by a space or tab, followed by your query.

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