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Industry News: Week 27 2011

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Industry News time again, and on this occasion we'll be looking at some interesting developments in the Flash to HTML5 forum.

Google Swiffy: SWF to 'HTML5' Conversion

Google has released a labs tool called "Swiffy" which can convert old SWF animation into a set of files to be played back using modern web browsers.

This is very similar to the "Wallaby" tool which Adobe released a few months ago to perform a similar set of actions upon old FLA files. This is what the Swiffy FAQ has to say about the two tools:

Wallaby is an installable tool that converts .fla files, whereas Swiffy is a web-based tool that converts .swf files. Wallaby focuses on reusing parts of a Flash file in HTML, and thus produces code that can be edited by the developer, whereas Swiffy generates an efficient format that is not that easily editable.

So, what does Adobe think about all of this? Here's their statement:

Adobe is pleased to see the Flash platform extended to devices which don't support the Flash player. The result is that anyone creating rich or interactive ads can continue to get all the authoring benefits of Flash Pro and have the flexibility to run the ad in the Flash Player or HTML depending on what's available on the system. Google and Adobe look forward to close collaboration around efforts like these.

Of course, the tech media likes to spin everything regarding Flash into drama and have done so once again, in this case. Is it important to keep in mind that both tools are being made available specifically in order to provide advertising to devices which do not support Flash (that is, devices running iOS). Both tools are also severely limited in the types of content they consume. Regardless of these limitations, the ability to repurpose content like this is a good thing.

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FlashDevelop 4 Beta

Users of the free FlashDevelop IDE should take note that a beta of version 4 is now available.

Boasting many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes... I took particular note of the Android and Flash professional CS5.5 support. While I haven't personally used FlashDevelop for some years, this is actually the IDE I first started learning ActionScript 3 with before it was supported in Flash Professional. Congrats to the FlashDevelop team!

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Register for Adobe Education Exchange Live

Every July, Adobe invites the Adobe Education Leaders from around the globe to its San Jose headquarters to participate in a week of collaboration, networking, and inspiration. Known as the Adobe Education Leader Institute, one day is always set aside for sessions presented by both K-12 and Higher Education AELs. This year, some of these sessions are being made available live through Adobe Connect as "Adobe Education Exchange Live".

Join us Wednesday, July 27, for a unique opportunity to connect online with Adobe Education Leaders from across the country and around the world. Hear best practices from your peers in teaching and learning using the latest Adobe technology, and learn new ideas for integrating digital tools into your curriculum and across your institution. Sessions range from mobile applications development to digital scholarship and interactive publishing to tools for enhancing online learning. You are sure to be inspired.

Please register and join us!

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