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iMac Winners!


Now our birthday celebrations are over, it's time to reveal the two winners of the Tuts+ iMac giveaway. Winners were selected with the 'true random' number generator at random.org and have been notified via email. Hit the jump to see the results!

1. 'Existing member' category

WINNER: Patrick Kavanagh

2. 'New member' category

WINNER: Alexandru Negru

Congratulations guys! Here's what you've won:


If You Didn't Win...

Don't worry! There will be plenty of other awesome giveaways on the Tuts+ network in the coming months. We hope you enjoyed participating in Envato's Birthday Celebrations and give a heartfelt thanks for going Plus and helping Tuts+ to be awesome!

We hope Tuts+ will continue to give you the skills that help you love what you're doing and maybe earn some money doing it :)

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