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How to Create an App with the Myows API

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In their own words: "Myows is an easy-to-use app dedicated to providing a full suite of copyright solutions, from registration to management. Myows has been created for designers, photographers, bloggers, writers, musicians and anyone who creates copyrightable work." In this weekend supplementary tutorial, a member of the Myows team will demonstrate how to create your own apps using the Myows API.

Take Fuss-Free Copyright Management to the Next Level.

Get your hands dirty with Myows’ publicly available API, fresh from the desks of our globally-scattered development team. This brings us one step closer to our platform-vision: helping the planet’s switched-on creative community help themselves. We’re looking for Myows members to help us add further functionality to the existing app at The brief is straightforward:

Registering your Application

Create a Simple Sort and Display App Using the Myows API

4-Steps API Challenge

In fact, Myows is hosting a competition on their site right now.

"We’re looking for plug-ins, add-ons and stand alone applications that improve the user experience and add useful functionality. To participate, you’ll need to create a thread before 15th May in our API forum category and provide a link to a demo of you app."

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