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How to Become a Writer for Activetuts+


Are you an RIA developer? Do you make Flash games or Unity games? Do you know some cool tips or techniques that you're always surprised your colleagues don't know? You sound like the perfect person to contribute to Activetuts+!

We're on the lookout for new writers and screencasters, so read on to find out more...

What We're Looking For

Right now, we're putting out a general call for Quick Tips.

A Quick Tip is a short article or screencast - we're talking about a thousand words, five steps, or a few minutes - that covers one bite-size subject.

For example, a Quick Tip could cover a small library, one or two components, or a technique - each a useful topic for which a full tutorial would be overkill.

We've also published Quick Tips that cover individual design patterns or error messages. You can see a full list on our Tips page.

As you can see, we're really low on Unity, Silverlight, and HTML5 Quick Tips, and even our Flash stockpile has dried up over the last few weeks. We pay $50 for every Quick Tip that we publish, and if you submit an idea now there's a good chance we'll even be able to publish it this month!

Pitch a Quick Tip

Got an idea? Great! Pitch it to us (in about a paragraph or so) using the following form:

Pitch your Quick Tip idea

You can read more about the sort of topics we cover on Activetuts+ in our Author Guidelines - though if you've been reading the site for a while, you've probably got a good idea already.

As long as you've got an original, useful idea and can string a decent English sentence together, there's a high chance your Quick Tip pitch will be accepted, so don't be shy.

(For longer-form tutorial pitches, we do prefer to see some example of your previous work: projects you've worked on, blog posts you've written, presentations you've given, and so on. For Quick Tips, this isn't necessary - although we're still interested!)

We're looking forward to reading your pitches.

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