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How To Be A Rockstar Wordpress Designer: WordPress 3 Revision!

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With the recent release of WordPress 3.0, Rockable Press has just released an updated version of How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer by Collis Ta'eed and Harley Alexander.

The updated version is FREE for all those who have already purchased the first edition of the eBook. All they'll need to do is use the email which provided them the link from when they first purchased the book, and follow the instructions included in the email on how to re-activate the link. Once that's done they can then re-download their new version of the book.

If you don't have a copy of the eBook yet don't worry! Rockable is also offering a $10 Discount Voucher for all those who don't have the book yet!

Rockable $10 Discount Code: WP3Launch - Expires Monday 26th July 2010

During the course of the book you’ll build THREE WordPress themes, a blog, a portfolio site and a general site with menus and submenus. Each theme demonstrates different aspects of WordPress theming and all three are packaged in with the book so you’ll have Photoshop, HTML, CSS and WordPress PHP files to refer to.

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