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Hot Mobile Themes from ThemeForest


With the huge uptake in handheld devices and mobile browsing in general, it's no longer sufficient to have websites only designed for desktop monitors, making good mobile design a part of every design pitch. But what do you do when the client just doesn't have the budget for it? Today we're going to help you deliver a high quality mobile themes on a budget that will leave the client happy. Let's take a look at some of the hot mobile themes from ThemeForest!

1. My Mobile Page V2

My Mobile Page V2 is the second version of “My mobile page” template. We have decide to create an improved version of this template with a fluid layout that will automatically adjust to the screen size. The new fluid layout is built using CSS3 amazing features and some nice jQuery effects.

2. MobileWeb Mobile Theme (Touch Slider) 4 Color

MobileWeb Mobile Theme is a HTML /CSS Touch optimized Theme for Smartphones and Tablets. The touchpad navigates the portfolio slider intuitive.

3. Simple Mobile template

Simple Mobile is a website template designed for mobile devices, especially iPhone. It can be used parallel with regular version of website and presented to mobile users only. Or you can use it traditional way – present it both to desktop computers and mobile devices users.

4. 1stGiantLeap Mobile Template

1stGiantLeap Mobile is a HTML5/CSS3 template tuned to look perfect in mobile browsers. The markup is device orientation (landscape/portrait) sensitive, so when you change device orientation by rotating it 90 degrees CW or CCW this template will look nice.

5. iWorld - mobile site template

iWorld is a site template designed exclusively for iPod Touch and iPhone. Can be use for corporative site, portfolio or blog.

6. iSimple Theme

iSimple Theme is a mobile template that focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

7. Black Mobile PRO HTML

Perfect for an application developer that wants to catch the attention of everyone with a smartphone.

8. My Mobile Page

My Mobile Page is a minimal CSS mobile template. With a modern look and a lot of cool features this can be the perfect pesonal mobile website for you. The template can be used for personal mobile pages, web designers mobile pages, artists mobile pages and many other. Users can easily build a blog, gallery portoflio page or a contact page from the existing Html/CSS pages.

9. iBlogfolio HTML + PSD

Nice and clean dark theme for application developers or mobile sites. The Site template includes jQuery behaviors for example in Navigation, Slideshow, Show/Hide Posts and Portfolio. Give it a try and test the template from your iPhone!

10. My Business for Mobile

My Business Mobile is a clean and modern HTML website theme that can be used for all sorts of businesses and companies. With this theme you get 6 different color schemes. The template is pure HTML +CSS and a working PHP contact form.

11. iBusiness iPhone Template

iBusiness is a website template designed for mobile devices, especially iPhone/iPod.

12. dotMobi - XHTML Theme for Mobile Devices

dotMobi is a XHTML theme for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, android based mobile phones and many other hand held mobile devices.
It can be used either as a standalone theme OR with a few lines of code inserted it can be served only to your mobile users as a mobile friendly version of your current site.

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