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Have Your Say in the AppStorm Developer Survey!


As a mobile developer, you may have come across another site in the Envato network - iPhone.AppStorm. Along with publishing regular iPhone app reviews, how-to's and roundups, we're also working on a new book for iPhone app entrepreneurs! Read on to find out how you can bag yourself a free copy.

About AppStorm

Chances are that as a mobile developer, you've considered creating software for the iPhone. When starting out as an iPhone developer, we know there's nothing better than trying out apps that other people have created, and getting to grips with the platform. With so many independent app publishers around though, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there.

iPhone.AppStorm brings you reviews of great iPhone apps, and we also round them up into categorized lists, give you how-to tips and tricks to get more out of them, and combine it with a healthy dose of iPhone related news.

The iPhone Developer Survey

We're currently working on a book, aiming to teach people how to become an iPhone App Entrepreneur. As part of this process, we're running a survey to find out a little more about how developers make the most of the App Store.

If you're an iPhone developer, we'd love to hear a little insight into your development process, business, and success on the App Store. If you can spare five minutes to fill out our iPhone developer survey, we'd love to send you a free copy of the book when it's published in a few months time!

Just click below to get started:

Thanks for taking the time to contribute, and we'll let you know about the book when it's released!

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