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Are you interested in learning a new language or framework? Do you want to get a better understanding of JavaScript? Get started with Swift? Or do you just need an expert opinion on a specific development challenge?

Talk to one of our Tuts+ Experts to learn a new skill, improve your knowledge, and get help with your project. From $65 an hour.

Meet the Experts

Andrew Burgess

Andrew BurgessAndrew BurgessAndrew Burgess

Andrew hails from Canada and for almost a decade now, he's been playing around with several programming languages across different platforms, from JavaScript to Java, and Ruby to Befunge. His favourite has always been JavaScript.

Bart Jacobs

Bart JacobsBart JacobsBart Jacobs

Bart lives in Belgium and runs a mobile development company that specializes in iOS development, software architecture, and usability design. 

As a developer and by running a mobile development company he has gained extensive experience in project planning, application architecture, and UI/UX design.

Jason Rhodes

Jason RhodesJason RhodesJason Rhodes

Jason is a developer and educator who lives in Baltimore.

He played with HyperCard all through middle school and now plays with JavaScript all the time. During the week, Jason works on the Node.js and Angular app that powers, organizes and leads Baltimore NodeSchool, contributes to open source, and is the author and instructor of Functional Programming in JavaScript.

José Mota

Jose MotaJose MotaJose Mota

José is a Ruby developer from Portugal.

He graduated from Computer Science Engineering at ISEP, Portugal, after which he worked with several companies in the area of web software design and development, in the fields of public healthcare, banking, business media and retail.

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