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Google Releases Chrome 4 Beta

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It's amazing to see version four of a browser which has only been available for a little over a year. Compare that to Firefox, which took over six years to reach 3.6. Perhaps it's just super smart marketing, or perhaps Chrome is putting an enormous amount of energy into the browser wars.

We've improved performance scores on Google Chrome by 30% since our current stable release, as measured by Mozilla's Dromeao DOM Core Tests, and by 400% since our first stable release." - Idan Avraham and Anton Muhin


Windows Only

Expectedly, Google Chome 4 is currently only available for the Windows platform. Reports have come in that it works just fine with the latest release of Windows, despite the fact that it only specifies XP/Vista as being currently supported.

Download Google Chrome 4 Beta

But I'm a Mac!

In that case, you can still download and install the developer preview of Google Chrome for Mac.

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