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Friday Freebies: Wrox JavaScript Books!

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This week, the folks over at Wrox Publishing (@wrox) have generously donated six JavaScript books to raffle off to you guys! Simply by leaving a comment, you'll automatically be entered to win either "Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development With jQuery" or "Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 2nd Edition". Good luck!

How Do I Enter?

Earlier this week, at ThemeForest, we launched a new category that will appeal specifically to JavaScripters. This category will offer advanced and helpful components that can easily be imported into a user's project -- things like advanced news tickers, AJAX forms, event calendars, etc. We want to know what you think.

Step 1: Review the Category

Take a brief moment to look over our initial offerings; perhaps review a couple of the live previews.

Step 2: Leave a Comment on this Page

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

  • Have a great idea for a submission? Let us now.
  • Been needing a component for your project that's not available for free online? let us know!
  • Critical remarks? Always welcome; just be polite.
  • Ways to improve the service? That works too!

"jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps web developers create JavaScript applications that work well in any browser. This book demonstrates how to use jQuery to reduce the amount of code you need to write and reduce the amount of testing that is required. You ll see how separation of presentation (CSS), markup (XHTML), and script (JavaScript and Ajax) in web pages is a crucial direction in web development for creating maintainable, accessible, cost-effective web sites. The featured full-color code syntax highlighting provides you with a visual reinforcement so you can see the various pieces and parts that make up each line and section of code for each language."

"Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 2nd Edition, provides a developer-level introduction along with the more advanced and useful features of JavaScript.

Starting at the beginning, the book explores how JavaScript originated and evolved into what it is today. A detailed discussion of the components that make up a JavaScript implementation follows, with specific focus on standards such as ECMAScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). The differences in JavaScript implementations used in different popular web browsers are also discussed."

Thank you so much to Wrox Publishing for helping us out. I've read both books listed above; they're fantastic!

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