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Friday Freebies: "Sexy Web Design"

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This week, I have five copies of "Sexy Web Design" to raffle off, courtesy of SitePoint! Written by Elliot Jay Stock, this beautifully laid out guide will teach you how to create stunning web designs.

How to Enter?

To be entered into the drawing for one of the five available books, find your favorite tutorial on Nettuts+, and paste a link into the comments form. That's it; but don't just paste any random link. Please think about which one helped you more than any other since launch!

Winners will be contacted via email.

Sexy Web designSexy Web designSexy Web design

Whether you’re completely new to web design, a seasoned pro looking for inspiration, or a developer wanting to improve your sites’ aesthetics, there’s something for everyone here.

How? Because instead of trying to cover every possible area of creating a web site, we’ve focused purely on the design stage; that is, everything that happens before a single line of code is written.

However, great design is more than just aesthetics. Long before we open our graphics program of choice, we’ll be conducting research, dealing with clients, responding to briefs, sketching out sitemaps, planning information architecture, moving from doodles to diagrams, exploring different ways of interactivity, and building upon design traditions.

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