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Free Custom Actions Component for Flash CS4

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This Custom Actions Component enables code hints and code highlighting for custom classes in Flash CS4.

How do I install it?

Open Adobe Flash CS4, go to Help > Manage extensions, then just click "install" and locate the .mxp file.

How do I use it?

Go to window > other panels > Custom actions. In the window which opens, click on the button "+" and select a custom class ActionScript file (.as) which you´ve made, or you´ve downloaded. When you've added all the classes you want, just restart Adobe Flash CS4 and test your code hints.


The component will list all public function keywords, so your custom class must have the public, protected, internal and private keywords with the function keywords. It also lists public constants, public variables and public functions setter and getter as properties.

I made this component for my own use, but am happy to share it with Tuts+ users. I hope you like it!

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