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Follow @envatoactive! Twitter Channel for Flash, RIAs & Unity3D

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Envato twitter accounts @activetuts and @activeden have merged! We have officially joined forces to form @envatoactive, our channel for all things Flash, RIA and Unity3D. Read on to find out what improvements we've made and why you should follow us..

Envato Active

For the last couple of months Lance, Michael and I have been running the ActiveDen and Activetuts+ twitter accounts. Having three of us on the ball has bumped up productivity and broadened our range of topics, so we've decided to make it an official arrangement.


What's New?

Aside from the usual banter, news, inspiration, links and tutorials, @envatoactive will be used as a channel for all relevant Freelance Switch job postings, all relevant additions to Creattica and ActiveDen, plus general news from Envato.

That should keep you busy, shouldn't it?

While We're on the Subject..

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    We're not the only ones forming tag teams; Cgtuts+ and 3docean have done exactly the same! Check out the @envato3d channel for all your 3D needs..

    There are more on their way too. Keep an eye out for further news of sibling collaboration across the Envato network.

One Last Thing

Just to really make sure you don't miss what's going on at Activetuts+, why not connect with us on Facebook? There's no excuse for missing out on Active tutorials and news now!


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