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Flash Freebie: O'Reilly Books!

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We've had an amazing initial response since Flashtuts+ launched at the end of March. Well in excess of 3,000 subscribers, around 700 Twitter followers and 600,000 pageviews; figures not to be sniffed at! To demonstrate our appreciation we're following in the footsteps of sibling site Nettuts+ and giving away some great O'REILLY freebies to some lucky Twitter followers!

What Do I Have To Do?

We've already drawn the lucky winners for this Flashtuts+ giveaway! Never mind, there'll be plenty of other freebies coming soon.. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

  • Search Engine Optimization for Flash

    Search Engine Optimization for Flash dispels the myth that Flash-based websites won't show up in a web search by demonstrating exactly what you can do to make your site fully searchable -- no matter how much Flash it contains.


  • Essential ActionScript 3.0

    More than two years in the making, ActionScript 3.0 presents perhaps the most substantial upgrade to Flash's programming language ever. The enhancements to ActionScript's performance, feature set, ease of use, cleanliness, and sophistication are simply staggering.


  • Flex 3 Cookbook

    This highly practical book contains more than 300 proven recipes for developing interactive Rich Internet Applications and Web 2.0 sites. You'll find everything from Flex basics and working with menus and controls, to methods for compiling, deploying, and configuring Flex applications.


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