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Flash Freebie: Flex 3 Books!

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Packt Publishing has generously donated a few copies of the newly released Flex 3 with Java to give away to some lucky FlashTuts+ Twitter followers! Read on to find out how you could be amongst the lucky winners...

What Do I Have To Do?

I'm afraid the draw has already taken place! Still, keep following @flashtuts and you're bound to hear of more giveaways soon ;)

Flex 3 is a great technology for developing Rich Internet Applications for the Web as well as for the desktop. If you are a developer looking to design great-looking and sophisticated user interfaces that resemble desktop-based applications, and want to utilize an existing server technology such as Java to develop RIAs, this book is for you.

Targeting developers who want to get started with Adobe Flex 3 programming, this simple and clear handbook introduces Flex technology quickly and straightforwardly. Utilizing your existing knowledge of Java, it gives you the insight and hands-on experience to program with Flex 3.

This book provides comprehensive information on various aspects of Flex 3 and ActionScript 3.0. These include developing simple applications, handling events, creating custom components and events, using RPC services, integration with Java and BlazeDS, styling and formatting, and how to package and deploy Flex applications.

Want to know more? Go and check out Flex 3 with Java on the Packt Publishing website, read all about it and download a sample chapter.

Thanks, Packt Publishing!

Packt is a modern, unique publishing company with a focus on producing cutting-edge books for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike.

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