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“Flash for Android” Screencast Series + Free Desktop Wallpaper

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Read Time: 2 mins

Welcome to a new series on Activetuts+ created solely to cover Flash on Android. During the coming weeks Jesse Freeman will be taking you through a massive collection of screencasts to get you and your Flash completely mobile. Read on to learn more about the series and pick up the free accompanying wallpaper!

A Word From the Author

My name is Jesse Freeman and I am very proud to help launch this initiative with the help of Powerflasher, the fine makers of FDT. Our goal is to create one of the best online resources about Flash on Android. To get things started I have shot 20 videos and will be writing a huge 2 part tutorial on making a Flash Game which will highlight all of the great things you can do on Android.

Now is a very exciting time to be a Flash developer! Adobe is dedicated to creating one of the best experiences Flash can offer on Android. The cool part is that Flash is incredibly easy to pick up and if you already know it, getting apps on Android mobile devices is incredibly easy. There is a huge push for what Adobe calls the "multi-screen" deployment and you can achieve some incredible web, desktop and mobile apps with the skills you are already using to make Flash content.

Starting today and continuing over the next few weeks Activetuts+ will be publishing the content I have been creating for you to quickly ramp up and learn about how Flash and AIR work on Android. This is only the beginning and as more and more authors contribute content I hope you will continue to find Activetuts+ one of the best Flash resources out there.

The Wallpaper

It's fair to say we've been pretty excited about Jesse's Flash for Android series and can't wait to see what you all make of it! During the preparation I got a little carried away with the icons, screencast thumbnails etc. and thought the result was probably worth sharing. Here then, is a wallpaper version for you to take away and tart up your gadgets.

You'll find it in a range of resolutions for your Desktop and Mobile devices. Enjoy!

Credit due to creativebubbles.net for the iMac graphic, zandog for the Nexus One graphic and gavinhall for the swish download button. Good work guys!

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