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Flash Camouflage


Flash Camo (for short) is a graphics framework that allows AS 3 applications to be easily skinned from pngs, jpgs, or gifs. The framework is broken down into 3 core areas: Decals, the CSS Parser, and the CamoDisplay. These systems can be used individually or combined to fit your needs. When used together they form a powerful set of tools to help skin and style any Flash application. With Camo’s modular approach, you can use as little or as much of the framework as you want. The entire framework is under 35k.

Flash Camo is open source (under the MIT License), is compatible with FlashPlayer 9/10, Flex 3, and AIR. It can be built with the open source Flex SKD compiler or used in Flash CS 3/4 as a swc.

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