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FaveUp Redesign Launches on Creattica.com

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The web can be a great source for inspiration and in the last couple of years we've seen a heap of great galleries for website design in particular. But there's so much more stuff to be inspired by, that's why today we're launching Creattica.com a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery that includes not just websites, but logos, business cards, posters and Photoshop art!

The new Creattica site is in fact a redesign and repurposing of our venerable FaveUp gallery that was in need of a bit of love and attention. So we've ported all the old content over to give the new site a flying start in its new super suit of Creattica awesomeness!


We've kept some elements of the old FaveUp site, but given it all a new look and feel which is more open and friendly and also a lot more usable. The site features:

  1. User Accounts & Profiles
    To submit and rate items you now create an account on Creattica.com which gives you a user profile to personalise!
  2. Larger Fullsize Images
    To accomodate categories like Posters and Photoshop Art, we've expanded the fullsize images to 880px x 540px, plenty of space to be inspiring!
  3. A Better Voting System
    OK so the old voting system was pretty dubious and in fact if you clicked the vote button many times in a row really quickly you could score lots of points. So we've thrown it out and changed to a 1 vote per user system. You simply add your vote to anything you like and items with lots of votes get more views!
  4. Browse by Popularity Today, This Week, This Month and This Year
    You want to browse popular items, but you also want fresh content, not the same old popular items over and over. So we've added browsing tools to let you choose how fresh you want your content so you don't keep seeing the same old stuff!
  5. Descriptions on Items
    Sometimes you want to mention a bit more about an item, the work that went into it, where a viewer can learn more about it or the creator, so we've added description fields to items that allow HTML.
  6. RSS & Email Feeds for Individual Categories
    Almost 6000 people are already subscribed to Creattica.com (through the old FaveUp feed) and that's great, but what if you want to subscribe only to a specific type of item? Well now you can! Every category of item comes with its own RSS feed ready for either your feed reader or email inbox.

New Categories + More Coming Soon

My favourite new thing about the new Creattica.com site is that it's now really easy to add new categories of content to the site. So today I added two new sections:

  • Posters
    One of the most influential graphic design mediums, posters are great for getting the creative mind going. That's why we've added a category for Poster Design.
  • Photoshop Art
    As you might imagine given our Psdtuts+ site, here at Envato we're big Photoshop fans. So to celebrate the work of Photoshop artists everywhere we've added a category for Photoshop illustrations and concept art.
  • More Coming Soon
    Once those two categories start getting some content I'm going to add in a few more print design and 3d sections. Then we'll start working on a showreel department, so look out!

Visit Creattica Now

More Envato Redesigns On Their Way

If you enjoy redesigns, you'll be excited to know we have a redesign of both FreelanceSwitch and the entire Envato Marketplaces coming soon. FreelanceSwitch is quite far into development so should go out the door sometime in May and is a major update (and will finally get a theme on that forum!!) The marketplace redesign is in a much earlier state but promises to be absolutely gigantic!

Speaking of redesigns, as you may know I'm the sole designer at Envato at the moment. But lately we've gotten a bit too big and I'm always falling behind. So I'm looking for a web designer to join our team in Melbourne, Australia. If you're an awesome web designer living in Melbourne, who loves having the best job ever, email me (collis[at]envato[dot]com, subj: "BEST JOB EVER").

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