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Facebook Graph API Development with Flash: Winners Announced!

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I've just finished writing a book on developing Facebook applications using Flash, and we've got three copies to give away! Read on to find out more about the book, and how you could get your hands on it.

Flash Facebook Development BookFlash Facebook Development BookFlash Facebook Development Book

This book will help you learn how to integrate your Flash projects with Facebook -- that includes developing apps and games that are embedded in the Facebook website (like Graffiti and FarmVille), and letting people use their Facebook accounts to log in to Flash projects that are hosted outside Facebook.

It's a beginner's guide, but you'll need to have a working understanding of AS3 before you start ("beginner" refers to your knowledge about Facebook, not about Flash!) This is because all 300+ pages of the book are focused on Facebook integration, with no time wasted going over AS3 concepts you already know. If you're not yet comfortable with AS3, our AS3 101 series will get you up to speed.

More information is available on Packt Publishing's official page for the book, and on my blog :)

Free Sample

The entire second chapter of the book is available for free online, thanks to Packt Publishing. Click here to read it in your browser (PDF) or right-click here and select "Save link as..." to download it.

This chapter explains what the Facebook Graph API is, and gets you started with retrieving Facebook data through AS3 code. The PDF also contains the Table of Contents for the whole book, so you can see what else is in store for you.

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Julien Lambe, who won the first prize of a free physical copy of the book plus a free digital version, and Laurens Claessen and Kevin Remisoski, who each won a free digital version :) You three, check your Facebook messages for info on what to do next.

Thanks to everyone who entered and left a comment!

To everyone else: never mind; perhaps you'll have better luck with our next great competition, in which you could win a ticket to FITC Toronto or a year's free Tuts+ Premium plus $100 to spend on the Envato Marketplaces! Click here for more info.

What If You Didn't Win?

Well, you can always buy a copy ;) Ebooks and physical copies are available on the book's official page, or on Amazon (affiliate link). You can also order it in to your local bookstore; just quote the ISBN code 978-1849690744 at the desk.

Any Questions?

If you've any questions, stick a comment below.

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