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Exclusive Freebies: PhotoViewer XML and Radar Chart

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Everyone likes something for nothing, so why not sink your teeth into these two great free files from the ActiveToFocus team! Check out the demos, download the source then see what else ActiveToFocus have to offer over at ActiveDen..

Each of these free downloads comes furnished with complete source files and documentation (pdf, doc). For further support leave your comments below or contact ActiveToFocus through their ActiveDen page.

Freebie: PhotoViewer XML

PhotoViewer XML is a slick xml image gallery boasting a multitude of features.

xml gallery activetutsxml gallery activetutsxml gallery activetuts
  • xml driven
  • simple to implement and alter
  • accordion menu select
  • scrolling image display
  • supports swf, jpg, gif, png files
  • supports multiple categories
  • supports large number of thumbnails
  • all styles set through xml
  • image zoom in and out
  • image rotate
  • image resize
  • fullscreen

Freebie: Radar Chart

Also known as a web chart or a spider chart, this XML driven radar chart is a great way to display multivariate data; nicely animated, with a couple of display options. Try it out for yourself!

xml gallery activetutsxml gallery activetutsxml gallery activetuts

These Exclusive Freebie files are free for personal and commercial use. They may not be sold on, or redistributed.

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