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Exclusive Freebie: Preloader Pack

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Summer has started, so let's mark the occasion with some more free goodies! This month we're helping kick-start all your Flash projects with a set of 15 preloaders from Carlos Yanez.

Rotators, masked text, progress bars, percentage indicators; all these preloaders will give you a great foundation on which to build your own.


Here's a quick preview of the preloaders available in this exclusive pack:

Plenty of Workfiles to Get Your Teeth Into!

There are 15 preloaders included in this download; each one comprising of an FLA and a Document Class. Take the workfiles as a basis, add your own effects, filters and animations then use them in your own projects!

For more information on using preloaders in your work, check out Carlos' previous tut Create an Apple Inspired Flash Preloader or Karl Macklin's Comprehensive Guide to Preloading a Single SWF File.


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