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Exclusive Freebie: Dynamic Puzzle

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We've entered another month, so here's another Exclusive Freebie for Activetuts+ readers; a dynamic puzzle! Play with it, test your ingenuity, pick apart the source code and have fun!

The source files come in both Flash CS5 and Flash Builder flavors (if you're unfamiliar with working in Flash Builder check out the guide below).

Flash Builder: Opening the Project

Opening a project in Flash Builder is actually very simple. Go to File > Import > Flash Builder Project…, select "File" and click "Browse". Now search for the archived file "Puzzle(Flash Builder).zip" and open it. You will see that a new Flash Builder Project appears. Now you can see all the source files and navigate between them.

Flash Builder: Compiling the Project

Again, this is a very simple job, just Press Ctrl + F11 and you'll compile your project. Have fun!

How to Change the Image

Amongst the source files you will find a folder images/avat.jpg. Well, this image is the one used in our puzzle. You can easily paste another picture with the same name and same extension in this folder to have another puzzle image.

Alternatively you can dive into the class, and look for the line var URLImagine : String = "images/avat.jpg";. Just alter the source with another image source to change the puzzle image.

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