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Exclusive Freebie: AS3 Image Revealer

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"Pinch, punch, first of the month", "White Rabbits" - however you like to mark the dawn of a new month, we like to bring them in with freebies :) This month, we have a great little AS3 Image Revealer from Carlos Yanez.

Image Credits:

AS3 Image Revealer

Take a look at the usage examples:

Here is an example revealing a black and white version of an image:

This can be very useful in before and after comparisons:


Using this base file you can:

  • Change the before and after (bottom-top) images
  • Use any Display Object for the effect
  • Modify the slider graphic


Open the ImageRevealer.fla and edit the MovieClip in the stage, use the Timeline to determine where to place every image and adjust the Mask size to fill the image.

Open the Main.as file and edit the highlighted lines:

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