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‘Envato Live’ Pop-Up Coworking Space - Chicago, June 7 2014

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Traditionally the Envato meetups have taken place over a few hours and a few drinks. This year our CEO Collis wanted to craft a meetup that captures what Envato represents. So we’ve created Envato Live, a full day event with a focus on creativity and skill sharing. We’ve rented out rooms at a very fun and creative space called Catalyst Ranch in Chicago for June 7th. For that day only we’ll be creating a pop-up coworking space!

Encouraging our community to be inspired by collaboration, we are providing a space for like-minded creatives to work next to each other. You can spend the day on your own projects alongside other community members, or you can take part in our ‘create-a-thon’ and collaborate your heart out.

You’ll be joined by Envato staff and some of our Elite marketplace authors, ready to chat, mingle and skill share. Come and be inspired by their tips for running a successful business with Envato, hear their stories and meet the creative individuals who are at the top of their game!

We’ll be providing all our hardworking community members with a delicious lunch, brand new Envato hoodies and an opportunity to get to know each other at afternoon drinks. There’ll also be wifi, awesome people to inspire you and a relaxed, comfortable environment to work from. What could be better?

Grab Your Ticket

We’re extremely excited about this event, it’s a bit different from anything we’ve done before and we know it’s going to be a hit! The event is open to anyone who loves making stuff, whether you’re an Envato user, author, reader or community member.

If this sounds like an event you'd like to attend, buy your tickets now! We have limited space so you’ll need to get in quick.

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