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Voices That Matter: Android Conference Giveaway & Discount

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Interested in rubbing shoulders with many of the best developers in the Android SDK ecosystem? Pearson Education is giving away a free pass to the Voices That Matter: Android Developers Conference to be held on February 9-10, 2012. All Mobiletuts+ readers are also eligible for a registration discount of $150 USD. Read on to take advantage of this exclusive offer!

What's This All About?

The first Voices That Matter: Android Developers Conference will take place in San Francisco on February 9-10, 2012. Both Google insiders and outside experts will gather for how-to sessions, application case studies, community building, and interactive discussions. Continuing the tradition of the Voices That Matter (VTM) conferences, this event will be a focused, intimate conference designed to enable developers to meet and learn from leading authors and practitioners. The two-day conference is built for mobile developers wanting to leverage their existing skills, Java developers needing to learn more about the platform, as well as game developers and experienced Android developers.

Mobiletuts+ Giveaway & How to Enter

One lucky Mobiletuts+ reader will receive a free pass to the VTM event!

You may enter this giveaway by either leaving a comment on this post and/or tweeting the following:

Tweet Text:

I just entered for a chance to win a free pass to android2012.voicesthatmatter.com via @envatomboile. http://bit.ly/vFkKNT - RT to Enter! #VTMGiveaway

Giveaway Tweet TextGiveaway Tweet TextGiveaway Tweet Text

Early Bird & Priority Code

Not willing to wait? Sign up for the conference now and enjoy a $150 USD discount with the following priority code:


Register by January 5th to take advantage of the special "early bird" pricing and take a total of $350 USD off the full list price!

Speakers & Sessions

Mobiletuts+ column writers Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey are the co-chairs of the conference and have assembled an outstanding collection of speakers to present on the latest industry trends.

When asked about the conference, Shane had this to say:

As a developer-centric conference, Ice Cream Sandwich will likely take center stage, but we have a number of exciting speakers to cover other Android topics as well, many of which we haven't ever been featured at any other conference. It's shaping up to be a unique learning experience for everyone.

Lauren Darcey added:

We're very excited to be participating in VTM's first Android conference in February. . .The event is ideally timed to give everyone a chance to review all that Android's newest version, the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich release, has to offer and then share our findings with each other in a professional context.

In addition to our own Shane Conder & Lauren Darcey, other speakers who will be attending the conference include:

  • Dan Galpin: Developer Advocate for the Google Android Team focused on Games and OpenGL.
  • Romain Guy: Software Engineer on the Android Framework Team at Google.
  • Chet Haase: Works at Google on the Android project.
  • David Wolber: Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco.
  • Chris Haseman: Lead Android developer for Tumblr.
  • Jacob West: Director, Software Security Research for the Enterprise Security Products division of Hewlett-Packard.

To see the full speaker list with extended bios, visit the official VTM site.

We Hope to See You There!

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