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Download the Winning Entries From ActiveDen's "Widget/Apps" Competition

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ActiveDen's latest community-organised contest has just taken place. The theme was "Widget/Apps" and we had a number of outstanding entries, with $1,450 prize money up for grabs. We had a lot of fun with the contest and are thrilled to be offering the entries for free exclusively here on Activetuts+!

The Winner: Lion's NeatList AIR App

Lion's NeatList is a cool AIR app to keep track of your daily tasks. It also took home $1,000 for first prize!

NeatList AIR App

Check out Lion's ActiveDen Portfolio

RimV's Flickr Box AIR App

Flickr Box is a cross platform AIR mobile app that runs on Android, iOS and RIM Playbook. Built by 3D legend RimV.

Flickr Box AIR App

Check out RimV's ActiveDen Portfolio

FlashEdge's 3D Flickr Gallery

Coming in third was this amazing 3D gallery built by FlashEdge.

3D Flickr Gallery

Check out FlashEdge's ActiveDen Portfolio

Kontrast's Survey/Feedback/Quiz Form

Build your own interactive form with this great entry from Kontrast.

Flash Feedback Form

Check out Kontrast's ActiveDen Portfolio

RubenBristian's Media Love Widget

Create an online YouTube Poll with this awesome widget by RubenBristian.

Flash Poll Widget

Check out Ruben's ActiveDen Portfolio

PezFlash's Snakes & Apples

Catch the dreaded Apples with this fun game by PezFlash.

Flash Game

Check out PezFlash's ActiveDen Portfolio

RabidFlash's YouTube Comment Widget

Load YouTube comments with this cool widget by RabidFlash.

Youtube Comments

Check out RabidFlash's ActiveDen Portfolio

Zefs' Envato API AIR App

View ActiveDen forum threads, the latest featured files and so much more with this awesome AIR app from Zefs.

Envato API AIR App

Check out Zefs' ActiveDen Portfolio

ZoomIt's Flash Testimonial Rotator

Create a cool Flash Testimonial Rotator with this XML driven widget from Zoomit.

Flash Testomonials

Check out ZoomIt's ActiveDen Portfolio

Sergibh's Flash Horoscope Widget

Present daily horoscopes with this neat component from Sergibh. Mobile App included.

Flash Horoscope Component

Check out Sergibh's ActiveDen Portfolio

CodingJack's ChangeStar Envato API AIR App

Track your Envato marketplace file ratings with this easy to use AIR app.

Envato API AIR App

Check out CodingJack's ActiveDen Portfolio

More Info

Some entries do not include ActionScript source. Feel free to use the entries in your client projects but resale of any kind is not permitted.

Want to read more about the fun we had? Check out the competition threads over on the ActiveDen forums here and here.

The Competition Sponsors

Big thanks to all of these guys for sponsoring the competition:


BitFade   PezFlash   ZoomIt

LGLab   FlashEdge   Parker and Kent

Special thanks to Zefs and PatrickJansen for their amazing work on the competition banner!

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