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Design a Cool Futuristic Web Interface


"In this easy Flash 8 professional lesson I will explain how to design a great interface for your Flash website." - Luka Maras

You will learn to make the following:

  • How to create a spherical, circular orb-like screen for the interface, encased in a black matte frame,
  • How to animate a part of the spherical screen with some extremely simple ActionScript code,
  • How to use the blending effects & filters in Flash 8 professional to achieve cutting-edge effects on your interface,
  • How to create the interactive part of the interface, with hi-tech menu buttons,
  • How to make blinking buttons that connect to the sphere,
  • How to use pixel and bitmap fonts for a cooler look,
  • How to make a sonar-like animation on a map (more coolness),
  • How to make a simple but cool glowing digital clock and a lot more.

You can see the result of what you're going to learn in this lesson below. Ain't it cool? Of course, you can always expand on it.

View Tutorial

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