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Decoding the iOS 6 SDK: Coming Soon!

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Announcement time! I’m incredibly excited to let you know that the first ever Mobiletuts+ book (in conjunction with Rockable Press) is coming soon! This book covers all the most essential iOS development updates from 2012 with a non-linear format designed to get you up-and-running in no time! In addition to covering the latest SDK, the book also covers essential changes to Xcode and all the latest devices from Cupertino!

Decoding the iOS 6 SDK is a book for beginning and intermediate iOS developers who want to get up to speed with the latest changes and enhancements provided by iOS 6! Mobiletuts+ contributors Bart Jacobs, Akiel Khan, Aron Bury, Aaron Crabtree, and myself have all teamed up to teach you about the most essential aspects of the SDK. The book also covers updates to Xcode that occurred in 2012, and the very first chapter will teach you how to build a cross-device app targeted for the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, AND the third-generation iPad!

Decoding the iOS 6 SDK

The structure of Decoding iOS 6 is unique. Each chapter is divided into a "Theoretical Overview" section and a hands-on "Tutorial Project" section. By reading just the "Theoretical Overview" of each chapter, you can quickly become familiar with all the most essential concepts and changes to the iOS SDK within an evening or two. Armed with this knowledge, you can then begin diving into the tutorial projects that matter most to your own development efforts. This non-linear system makes it easier than ever to become comfortable and productive with the latest tools and hardware.

Book Contents

Part I:
What Has Changed?

  • Chapter 1: iOS 6 SDK Essentials -Mark Hammonds
  • Chapter 2: UITableView Changes & Enhancements -Aron Bury
  • Chapter 3: Data Isolation Controls -Mark Hammonds
  • Chapter 4: Apple Maps and Map Kit -Aaron Crabtree
  • Chapter 5: Reminders and Event Kit -Aaron Crabtree
  • Chapter 6: UIKit Theming Controls -Aron Bury
  • Part II
    What Is New?

  • Chapter 7: Auto Layout Fundamentals -Akiel Khan
  • Chapter 8: Advanced Auto Layout Techniques -Akiel Khan
  • Chapter 9: Collection View Fundamentals -Bart Jacobs
  • Chapter 10: Advanced Collection View Techniques -Bart Jacobs
  • Chapter 11: Social Framework Fundamentals -Bart Jacobs
  • Chapter 12: Advanced Social Framework Techniques -Bart Jacobs
  • Chapter 13: State Preservation and Restoration -Akiel Khan
  • Chapter 14: PassKit Fundamentals -Aaron Crabtree

  • Chapter 11 Sample:
    Social Framework Fundamentals

    The introduction of the Twitter framework in iOS 5 was the first step towards the integration of iOS with popular social networks. In iOS 6, Apple introduced the Social framework. Not only does the Social framework effectively replace the Twitter framework, it also extends its functionality by adding support for both Facebook and Sina Weibo.

    Even though the Twitter framework has been deprecated as of iOS 6, it is fortunately a trivial task to migrate existing code from the Twitter framework to the Social framework. The API’s of the Social framework do not make mention of specific social networks. The network component has been abstracted away, which makes adding support for new social networks in the future a painless task. Bottom line: the good news for developers is that getting up and running with the Social framework is easy, especially if you are already familiar with the Twitter framework.


    Stay Tuned!

    This book was a labor of love for all the authors involved, and we're really excited to release the finished product. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much we all enjoyed writing it, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it goes on sale. Stay tuned!

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