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Cross Promotions on Nettuts+

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Hello Nettuts+ Readers! As some of you will have seen, I put up a post a couple of days ago which featured a Slideshare presentation about our sister site ThemeForest. The post sent over lots of traffic, but the comments gave a lot of negative feedback and our new ratings plugin showed an impressive 1.5/5 stars!

As most of you know, we've never been shy about posting about other Envato products and cross promoting using the Tuts+ sites and our other properties. We're very proud of all the Tuts+ sites as a very high quality educational resource that is for the most part free. And to pay for it, we use a combination of our premium program, advertising and cross promotion to the Envato Marketplaces.

However I think with my recent post, it seems clear that the title was too misleading, and readers felt deceived. So I wanted to give my apologies, and reassure you that in future we'll be clearer about cross promotional posts, and continue our more traditional posts which usually serve to showcase particularly impressive items from the marketplaces (like this one), or to provide news about Envato launches and big changes (like this one). If you want to support Nettuts+ and its sister sites, then by all means continue to browse and maybe even click through on those. We do always try to make our cross promotional posts useful and informative, and I hope they come across that way.

As always, I appreciate the feedback you guys leave in the comments. I particularly enjoyed the commenter who asked whether I was paid for the post :-)

If you have any further thoughts, feel free to comment them in! Otherwise get back to enjoying Nettuts+!

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