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Contributions Open, Traffic Steady & Other News


It's two weeks since NETTUTS launched and I'm happy to report the site is kicking along better than I ever expected! With two and a half thousand RSS readers and some eight thousand visitors a day, it's kinda staggering for a brand new site!

With such booming progress I've been knuckling down to get the mechanics of the site working a little better and have plenty of news to tell...

Contributions Open

The big news is that you can now contribute a tutorial to NETTUTS! I've created a contribute form and set a reward of $150 for any published tutorial. There are guidelines on the sorts of things we're looking for over on our Contribute a Tutorial page.

The main criteria will of course be tutorial awesomeness! And so far some applications have already started appearing. I've also got emails from some potential regular writers courtesy of a job ad I placed up a few weeks ago. So this week we should see the first content from someone other than me, yay!!

Ads on Sale

I also placed NETTUTS up on BuySellAds to sell ad spots to help pay for contributions, and happily we've already sold two spots!! Be sure to pay a visit to both Studio7Designs and PSD2HTML for sponsoring the site so early!

Happily with our steady traffic flow, I'm confident that we should win some more advertising spots over the coming weeks and this site will get to steady publish schedule much faster than I'd originally thought!

I Bought Parallels / WinXP

In my first couple of tutorials I didn't have any way to test Internet Explorer and there were a couple of browser compatibility issues. Happily yesterday I went out and got Parallels/XP so I'm going to go back and add a footnote to them to fix those.

Also this got me to thinking about how the sum of the knowledge of the community is much greater than an individual writer. Certainly I've been learning quite a few things from the comments on the site. So I'm going to figure out a way to take some of the better comments on alternate ways or fixes to a method, and add them to the end of the tutorials to improve them.

Onwards and Upwards

So that's it for the moment. Still getting things ship shape here, but so far so good! If you have any suggestions on site improvements, do feel free to comment them in. And of course we also have our place to comment in tutorial suggestions for writers.

Thank you everyone for all the support, links and comments. I have the best job in the world :-)

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