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CodeCanyon + Tumblr Themes + Buy Now + More

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It's been a busy year here at Envato and over on our marketplaces, we're finishing it off with a bang! I'm pretty excited to fill you in on 2 new marketplaces, 3 new types of things you can buy and sell, and a dramatic improvement to how you can purchase on the sites. Read on to learn more!

Buy Now

The marketplaces have been built around a depositing system - you prepay money and then you go buy lots of things. This is pretty cool for most buyers, but there has been a lot of customers over the years who would have much preferred to just pay for one thing and then be on their way. So last week we introduced a new way to buy items - Buy Now!

We still have the option to pay with deposits, and in fact it's $2 cheaper on every item if you go that route. But for people looking for a quick or one-off purchase, you'll now have the flexibility to just purchase the item straight off the bat!

Learn more about Buy Now and how it works.

CodeCanyon + 3DOcean

I'd also like to introduce two new marketplaces to the Envato family: CodeCanyon and 3DOcean! As with our other five marketplaces, it's the same familiar interface, community and system - but now available for code and 3D!

CodeCanyon is the new home of our PHP and Javascript categories. These two have been on fire over at ThemeForest, so Jeffrey is taking them out and adding ASP.NET and Java to the mix to create what we hope will be the best marketplace for code snippets and scripts online!

After a quick beta to get some initial content onto the marketplace, we’re letting 3DOcean out into the wild. It’s still early days but we’re looking forward to building the site into a must-visit marketplace for 3D Models, Materials and Shaders and Textures!

Tumblr Themes, Email Templates, Powerpoint + Keynote ...

In our quest to make available pretty much every form of digital goods known to man, we've added four more categories of awesome files:

  1. Email Templates - These things have been selling like hotcakes since we launched a couple of weeks ago
  2. Tumblr Themes - Check out the first three themes by the guys at Metalab
  3. PowerPoint Templates - So you can get your presentations looking all spiffy and nice!
  4. Keynote Templates - For those of us making non-Microsoft presentations :-)

Happy New Year

With all that said, I'm about to finish up for the year and head off on holidays. But I wanted to leave you with one last piece of news ... believe it or not, we still have one more site launch left for 2009, and it's going to happen over on AppStorm. David and Derek are working on a small redesign, a hub site and a new blog all to be launched in the next couple of weeks!

As for me, I'm going to sign off and say thanks to everyone in the Envato community for making 2009 such a wonderful year. It's the best job in the world working on these sites and I'm going to be spending all holiday dreaming up new plans to make 2010 even bigger :-)

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