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Call for Writers: We're Looking For New Tutorials and Articles!


Calling all WordPress experts and authors! We’re in need of a few new kick-ass authors to help out on Wptuts+ 1-4 times per month. You’ll be expected to submit at least one article a month and you’re free to choose your topics, as long as they’ll appeal to our audience. This is a paid gig, so if you're looking for some holiday cash, read on!

What We’re Looking For

Content! We're looking for a handful of WordPress experts to share some great articles and tutorials each month with our readers. If you're not interested in an official staff writer position but still want to contribute tutorials, read the next section, as we're also looking for individual content pitches. Here are the job requirements:

  • Rock solid knowledge: Wptuts+ is a highly respected source of information and we expect the same high quality from you.
  • Excellent writing skills: You must be comfortable with the English language. We can proof your content but we can’t rewrite everything for you. To put it simply, if you struggle when deciding whether to write its or it’s, this might not be the gig for you.
  • Consistency: Professionalism is key here. We expect you to keep the schedule we’ve agreed upon.

Can I Pitch Individual Articles & Tutorials?

Absolutely! We're always accepting individual tutorial and article pitches for the rates posted above. Check out our Write For Us page for more information about sending in individual tutorials and articles, or just fire away at our content-pitch form. Repeat authors will always preferential publishing status and higher overall article rates, but if you're just got one great idea that you want to share, send it our way!

What’s the Pay?

  • $150 per tutorial for the first month.
  • $175 per from the second month onwards, with a pay review after six months.
  • $60 per Quick Tip
  • $300-$500 for "Premium" level tutorials/screencasts

So, assuming you submit an article a week, and one large tut/screencast per month, you can expect to make between $1000 – $1200 each month.

Are You Looking For Any Special Topics?

We sure are! You'll get extra consideration if you're able to focus on one (or many) of the following topics:

  • Annual "WordPress Trends" Articles (best of 2011 or 2012 predictions)
  • WordPress 3.3 Specific Tutorials
  • Your Favorite Code Snippets (custom blocks of useful homebrew code)
  • Theme Development tips, tricks, or tutorials
  • Plugin Development tips, tricks, or tutorials
  • Standards, Best Practices, and other "WordPress Culture" type articles

Excellent! Where do I Sign Up?

We’ll need the following information from you:

  • Name.
  • A few sentences about yourselves.
  • A single link to an article that you’ve written, helped with or like.
  • Two ideas for tutorials you’d like to write for us.
  • Emails with an optional tutorial as attachment will get more attention from us since this means you’re serious about the gig.
  • Preferential treatment (and higher pay) given to those who can record professional quality screencasts.

Please email this information to wp[at]tutsplus.com. If you’ve already emailed us about this position in the past, please forward it to the above address, just to be sure.

We get a ton of single line emails. Don’t be that person. Emails without the requisite information will be discarded.

If you can’t manage a weekly schedule and instead would like to submit every other week, that’s good with us too. Get in touch so we can work something out!

Get cracking, ladies and gents!

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