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Building the Back-End of a Photo Site

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For those of you who have been following the last few screencasts, you must have noticed that each tutorial has been centered around a "photo site" theme. (See Scanning Folders With PHP, How to Dynamically Create Thumbnails, and Create a Photo-Admin Site Using PHP and jQuery. Today, we'll build the backend for a photo site. This tutorial will teach you how to add, delete, and update photos.

Our Mission

  • Create a database that will store our images.
  • Create a home page that retrieves all of the photos that are stored in our database.
  • Allow the user to upload photos.
  • Write some validation to ensure that the user enters a proper description and chooses an image
  • Use jQuery to allow the user to asynchronously update and delete specific photos.

There is simply too much to cover as a written tutorial. I've included a few key points. Refer to the screencast for the complete tutorial.

The Database Structure

The database structureThe database structureThe database structure

Get the Photos From the Database

Get Photos FunctionGet Photos FunctionGet Photos Function

Upload Photos

Get Photos FunctionGet Photos FunctionGet Photos Function

Form Validation

Update the Photo's Description Asynchronously

Get Photos FunctionGet Photos FunctionGet Photos Function


Delete a Photo

Get Photos FunctionGet Photos FunctionGet Photos Function



So that does it. You could implement a bit more security into this application. But the idea is that these pages would already be secured by using something similar to an ht-access file. From here on, the sky is the limit. You should consider adding tags to your images, creating albums, etc. This should get you started.

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